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Summer 2024 financial aid voucher period begins April 15th and ends June 14th. E-campus opens for book orders on April 15th.

Campus Store LogoLocated in the Warrick Student Center, the Campus Store has a large selection of supplies such as pens, folders, notebooks, and bookbags available to fulfill student needs. We also continue to offer exclusive Husky Spirit Wear.

此外,校园商店还可以使用校园网上书店和工作人员来帮助学生解决有关教科书的任何问题, ordering, etc.

There are select items from the Campus Store inventory available online. Shop the Campus Store by clicking the link below.

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eCampus Online Bookstore 

At MCCC, students purchase textbooks via the eCampus Online Bookstore. Start shopping eCampus by clicking the link below! Benefits of eCampus include reduced costs for required course materials, a streamlined ordering process, guaranteed buyback amounts listed on select materials and year-round buyback options, 2-3 day free shipping, 价格匹配保证和奖励计划-通过与选定的供应商在线购物,在您的eccampus帐户上获得积分.

eCampus Online Bookstore

eCampus orders can be shipped to the Campus Store or directly to a student’s residence. 当学生的订单到达并准备领取时,通知将发送到学生的电子邮件帐户. 发送到校园商店的货物可以在下列校园商店开放时间内由学生领取. A form of personal identification is necessary for pick up.

Please be advised that any orders not picked up by the last day of the current semester will be returned to eCampus with NO REFUND back to the student.  包括租来的书的订单需要在到期日之前通过您的在线书店文件返回 will be charged for the cost of the book.  Please see the Campus Store staff for any questions.

Various payment methods are accepted on the eCampus Online Bookstore website, such as credit and debit cards, Paypal, financial aid, book buyback credits, 通过奖励计划和礼品卡获得的积分(可在校园商店亲自购买).

Important Info About Purchasing Textbooks/eBooks and Materials

以下是所有购买教科书和课程材料的学生应该阅读的关于出版商访问代码的重要信息, return policies, book buyback and more.

1.  What are access codes?
访问码是一种多字符代码,作为访问电子教科书或其他数字学习材料的钥匙. An access code may be supplied within a textbook bundle, a printed copy or in an email. 访问码通常用于Brightspace或由电子教科书出版商或第三方平台(如google)运营的特定网站.g., Labster, etc.).

2.  Are access codes required for my class?
In most cases, yes. If an access code is marked Required in the eCampus Online Bookstore, at least part of your grade will be related to and/or come from the online content. If an access code is marked Optional in the eCampus Online Bookstore, 这通常意味着这些材料是对课程计划的补充,并将增强你对课程材料的整体理解.

3. How do I purchase publisher access codes?
You can purchase access codes through the eCampus Online Bookstore  To log in to the Online Bookstore, you will need your student email address and password for your student email account.  For email account assistanceplease contact the Testing Center Help Desk at (734)-384-4255, Information Systems Help Desk at (734)-384-4234 or follow this link further assistance navigating the eCampus Online Bookstore, please see the eCampus Instructions Document for step-by-step guidelines or contact the Campus Store at 734.384.4140. Once your purchase is complete, 所有的数字材料都可以在电子校园网上书店的数字书架上找到. Digital course materials are typically available within two hours of purchase.

4. What should I do once I have purchased my access code?
The best place to start is in your MCCC Brightspace course. 教师通常会在课程大纲或Brightspace课程“内容”区域发布访问其特定出版商材料的说明. For return purposes, 强烈建议在你确定你将继续学习课程之前,不要访问任何数字内容. For a complete eCampus Online Bookstore return policy, please see

5.  Are there tutorials about using access codes?*
Below are several video tutorials for the most popular publishers:

*请务必先与您的讲师或课程大纲检查与出版商内容和注册相关的具体说明. Also, 查看混合课程和在线课程的课程信息表,了解与您的教科书和访问代码相关的任何信息。 

6. Are you using Cengage Unlimited for any of your courses?

A single Cengage Unlimited access code can be used for multiple classes.  如果你正在上几门课,并将Cengage Unlimited作为必修文本的选项之一, 您只需要购买一个代码,它将提供访问这些课程的所有材料.  In addition, a rental copy of any course materials is available at a cost of $7.99 through your Cengage profile.  Click on the “Purchase Options” tab.  你必须提供你的送货地址,然后发行商会直接送货给你.

Cengage Support and Virtual Office Hours information

7. Did you purchase a Pearson “combo” access code for a class?

For courses that offer a “combo” access card, 这包括一本免费的书,可以通过你的出版商申请.  Click on the “Purchase Options” tab and then select “Redeem a Prepaid Print Book”.  你必须提供你的送货地址,然后发行商会直接送货给你.

8.  What do I do if I have a problem with my access code?

All publishers have student tech support for their learning products. Below are links to the major publisher’s student support pages, as well as tips for working with publisher customer support:

Tips for contacting publisher customer support:  

  • Contact publishers at non-peak hours if possible (i.e., morning 8-11 a.m. or 2-4 p.m.). If possible, avoid calling at noon and 5 p.m. 
  • Be sure to get an incident ticket number from the publisher tech support representative. Write down your incident ticket number and have it available for follow up calls, if necessary, or to share with your instructor, MCCC e-Learning department, etc.  
  • When calling, chatting, etc. with a publisher tech support representative, be kind, but also be firm -- don’t leave the call, chat, etc. 没有他们理解你的问题,也没有提供跟进或解决的时间框架.  
  • 如果你觉得发行商的支持人员不能帮助你,不要害怕要求与经理交谈.  
  • 如果发行商支持人员告诉你问题出在学校的十大外围app系统(LMS)上,不要接受.e., Brightspace). 同样,如果你觉得支持你的人没有帮助你,不要害怕要求和经理谈谈.

9. What are some of the typical issues with access codes?  

  • A student created their publisher account using a personal email (Tip: always use your MCCC college email account to create your publisher accounts).  
  • A student enters incorrect email address 
  • A student has an old publisher account using another college’s email

10. Where can I go at MCCC for assistance with my access code?
如果你的发行商访问代码有问题,首先要和你的指导老师确认一下. Next, you can visit the Student Success Center in Founders Hall for one-on-one assistance. Additionally, you can contact the e-Learning Help Desk at 734.384.4328 for additional assistance.

Return Policy for Items Purchased in the Campus Store

  • Cash register receipt IS REQUIRED for all returns.
  • 在购买日期的两(2)周内,对于任何未开封的物品,如在原始包装中附有标签,则给予全额退款.  Quick study reference guides are
  • Refunds are issued in the same form as payment was made.  Purchases by check require a 10 business day waiting period to receive a cash refund.  Purchases by credit card require the credit card to process returns.

通过十大外围app在线书店出售或租赁的课程材料将被eccampus接受.com up to 30 days after the book ships or after the course start date, whichever is later. For a late start semester course, books can be returned and up to 15 days after the course start date. 所有退货必须有退货商品授权号码,以确保退货过程成功完成.  当学生在他们的eccampus个人资料中通过我的帐户完成退货时,会生成退货商品授权号码..  Return reasons may include cancelled class, change of mind, order fulfillment error, etc. 退货可以由学生或通过校园商店寄回,没有补货费,但需要支付退货运费.

数字课程材料只有在内容未被访问的情况下才有资格返回, redeemed/opened. If open/accessed, digital textbooks may still qualify for a return if certain conditions are met; digital textbook was purchased within the last 2 weeks, 20% of the digital textbook has not been viewed or printed, digital textbook must be in online mode (cannot be in offline mode). Redeemed/opened courseware codes are also evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and the return approval will be up to the publisher. Digital content includes Online Courseware, Digital Access Cards, Printed Access Cards, and Digital Textbook.  Contact the eCampus Customer Service department to ask if a refund is possible.

To return rentals, you may visit the Campus Store to process the return or go to Monroe County Community College Online Bookstore ( and select Return Rentals. 登录到您的My Account eccampus个人资料,选择“免费归还我的租赁物品”,并按照提示获取装箱单和归还标签.

To avoid any replacement charges, please ensure your rental package is in transit with UPS before the rental period ends.

Per the Rental Terms and Conditions, 对于未在到期日之前归还的租赁物品副本,您的信用卡/借记卡档案将按公平市场价值收取费用. This allows eCampus to replace the item(s) in their inventory.

If your item is checked into the eCampus warehouse inventory within 1-14 days of the due date, they will refund 75 percent of the full charge of the book. If your item is checked into their warehouse inventory within 15-30 days of the due date, eCampus will refund 50 percent of the full charge.

After 30 days past the due date and the items have not been checked in, they are no longer eligible for a refund. If you no longer need this book and it's 30 days after the due date, we recommend that you visit the eCampus website,, and select Sell Your Books to possibly sell your item(s). You may also consider listing them at

You may also keep the book(s) because you do own them after the charge has been processed. 如有任何关于租金返还费用或其他问题,请联系eccampus客户服务部门.

When checking out, you will have access to the aid that has been awarded to you.  Select that option for your payment method and utilize those funds for your purchases.  任何剩余的资金也可以在校园商店中使用,不包括精神服.  For any questions or issues regarding financial aid funds shown in your Online Bookstore, please contact the Campus Store for assistance at (734) 384-4140.

Where can I purchase supplies that I might need?

What number do I call if I have questions?
Call eCampus customer service at (859) 209-6958 between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday – Friday or the MCCC Campus Store at (734) 384-4140 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday.

Sell your books online anytime! eccampus提供预付的UPS运输标签来运送书籍,并提供四种灵活的支付方式:PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, and In-Store Credit.



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